Our Twin School in The Gambia

Wind in the Willows is twinned with the Mansa-Colley Bojang School in The Gambia where our setting owner Karen Potter has been visiting and working on a regular basis for many years.

Karen Potter became involved with the  Mansa-Colley Bojang School in whilst teaching at Admiral Lord Nelson School around 6 years ago. Each year, Karen self-funds her trip and volunteers over there just doing whatever is needed. Over the years, Karen has been involved in the development of the school, teaching children and teachers and even supported the the building of the first ever park within the local community. She also supports the local hands-on care aids and health clinic.

When we opened almost 2 years ago Karen excitedly twinned Wind in the Willows and involves our children and their families by sending supplies to the school and surrounding community. Items which we donate include supplies such as hair clips, toothbrushes, toothpaste, books, colouring pencils, plasters and so much more!

Karen involves the children and their families and shares stories and photos showing how and where these supplies are shared. She is always happy to talk in as much detail as possible to anyone who has time to listen!

We discuss our Twin School regularly as part of our learning. We get the children to think about other communities and families in other countries, linking to the EYFS to expand their understanding of the world.